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Cảm thấy việc nắm được ngôn ngữ lớp học bằng tiếng Anh (classroom language) là rất cần thiết đối với các giáo viên bộ môn và giáo viên chủ nhiệm, dưới đây tôi xin giới thiệu một vài điểm ngôn ngữ và những cấu trúc cơ bản hữu ích cho các giáo viên trong quá trình dạy học và quản lý lớp học để các thầy cô tham khảo:

 1. Discussing the Date (Hỏi đáp về ngày tháng)

What day is today?

- Today is Monday.

What day is tomorrow?

- Tomorrow is Thursday.

What day was yesterday?

- Yesterday was Thursday.

What is the month?

- It’s January.

2. Discussing the Weather (Hỏi đáp về thời tiết)

What season is it?

- It’s winter.

What’s the weather like?

How’s the weather?

- It’s hot.

3. Taking Attendance (Kiểm diện)

- Where is Phuong?

- Is everyone here?

- Is Minh here today?

- Who’s absent today?

- Who’s not here today?

- I’m going to take attendance now.

- Please say “here” when I call your name.

- Raise your hand when I call your name.

4. Reviewing Student Work (Kiểm tra bài tập của học sinh)

- Let’s check your homework.

- Let’s go over your homework together.

- Ana, please read the first sentence.

- What’s your answer to question 1?

- What did you write in the blank for sentence 1?

- Please exchange papers with a partner.

- Yes, that’s correct.

- No, it’s not correct. Check again.

5. Reviewing from the previous class (Ôn lại bài cũ)

- Let’s review yesterday’s lesson.

- What did we do yesterday?

- Who can tell me what we talked about yesterday?

- Who remembers what we talked about last class?

- Who remembers what we did yesterday?

- Who remembers what we studied last class?

- Today we worked on words for rooms.

- Are there any questions?

6. Collecting Student Work (Thu bài)

- Please take out your homework.

- Please hand in your papers.

- Please put your homework on my desk.

- Please pass your papers to me.

- Does everyone have their homework?

- Linh will collect your homework.

7. Getting Students’Attention (Thu hút sự chú ý của học sinh)

- I have something to tell you.

- I have an announcement to make.

- I have some important information for you.

- Please listen carefully.

- Please write it down.

- Please copy from the board.

8. Announcing Tests and Quizzes (Thông báo về việc kiểm tra)

- We will have a test tomorrow.

- There will be a test on June 7.

- Remember that we have a test tomorrow.

- The test is on Unit 6.

- Don’t forget to study for the test.

- The test has 10 questions.

- The test will take 20 minutes.

- Don’t forget about the test on Tuesday.

9. Announcing Projects and Special Assignments. (Thông báo về việc làm đề tài và tiểu luận)

- We are going to do a project on family.

- You will do a project on clothing.

- The project is due on May 30.

- You should finish the report by June 1.

- Work on your own.

- There ‘s a new due date for the project.

10. Announcing Schedule Changes and Events (Thông báo về việc thay

đổi lịch và sự kiện)

- There is a change in the schedule.

- We are going to finish class early tomorrow.

- We will have a visitor today.

- Tomorrow there 's no class because it's a holiday.

- There will be a parent meeting on Monday.

- Don't forget about the concert tonight.

- Give this notice to your parents.

- We are coming back at 2:00 PM.

- We are going to finish class early tomorrow.

- We will have a visitor today.

- A visitor is coming tomorrow.

- There will not be recess today.

- We will not have a break today.

- Recess will be shorter today.

- We are going to read first today.

- Tomorrow there’s no class because it’s a holiday.

11. Announcing Extracurricular Activities (Thông báo về các hoạt động ngoài giờ)

- There will be a parent meeting on Monday, January 6.

- We are going to have a visitor on Tuesday.

- Don’t forget about the concert tonight.

- Tell your parents about the parent meeting tomorrow.

- Give this notice to your parents.

- On September 15, we will go to the zoo.

- We are coming back at 2.00 PM.

12. Disciplining (Kỷ luật)

- Please listen

- Please be quiet.

- Please stop talking.

- Please take turns.

- One at a time.

- Please pay attention.

- Please get to work.

- Please raise your hand.

- Sit down please.

- Please look at..........

13. Motivating students (Khích lệ học sinh)

- Good job!

- Keep trying!

- Don' t give up!

- You can do it.

- You are doing great.

- Just do your best.

- You can say that in English.

- Try that in English.

- Don't worry, take your time.

- Don't worry. I'll explain it again.

14. Checking student Understanding (Kiểm tra khả năng tiếp thu)

- Is that clear?

- Is everything clear?

- Please read the instructions.

- Do you understand the instructions?

- I'll repeat the instructions.

- I’ll repeat the explanation.

- Let’s review the  instructions.

- Are there any questions?

- Do you have a question?

- If you have a question, please raise your hand?

- Let me explain the chart again.

- Let me give you an example.

- Are the examples clear?

- Do you want another example?

-…so what are we going to do?

-...so what are we going to talk about?

15. Assigning Homework (Ra bài tập về nhà)

- Your assignment is on page 16.

- Your homework is due next class.

- Review the vocabulary for a quiz.

- Practice the conversation on page 19.

- Write sentences using the vocabulary.

- For our next class, please listen to the diaglog on page 20.

- Your homework is to  read the text, the answer the questions.

- Next time, don't forget to bring your homework.

16. Summarizing the Day’s Lesson (Tóm tắt bài học)

- What did we learn today?

- I want to go over what we learned today.

- Let's review what we learned today.

- Today we talked about words for rooms.

- Let's look at that vocabulary again.

17. Dismissing the Class (Giải tán lớp học)

- Goodbye.

- See you tomorrow.

- Class is finished.

- You can go now.

- Have a good afternoon.

- Good job today.

- It’s time to clean up.

- Please clean up your area.

- Please put away your books.


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